Friday, February 26, 2016

Contract Update: ‘Postal Workers Earn the Right To Be Justly Compensated For Our Service, Hard Work’

‘Postal Workers Earn the Right To Be Justly Compensated For Our Service, Hard Work’

“We do all this 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with much night, weekend and holiday work,” he added. “We face excessing events, job abolishment, frequently changing work schedules and mandatory overtime that can negatively impact our lives and that of our families. Working conditions are far from ideal, with 36,000 injuries a year, largely due to poor ergonomics of mechanization and automation. “And we carry out our mission frequently short-staffed, under stress, and all too often in the environment of management decisions – such as processing facility closings, reduction in retail hours, subcontracting and service standard reductions – that undermine our work and service to the people of this country,” he said. “Postal workers earn the right to be justly compensated for our service and hard work,” Dimondstein declared. “The economic lot of workers should be constantly improving, and those improvements should be passed on from generation to generation. We earn the right to be provided a safe workplace, free of harassment and discrimination, and, after concluding our careers, to enjoy a secure and dignified retirement.” APWU members want a workforce where all members make decent wages and get solid benefits – where our children reap the benefits of a better life, he said.

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